Dr. Jörg Hannesschläger

I am a dentist by passion!
Why? It’s simple:
I love to bring a bright smile to my patients’ faces and take up dental challenges, no matter how big they are.
I am particularly interested in the correction of malpositioned teeth with transparent braces. Are you interested? Don’t hesitate and arrange a personal and non-binding consultation appointment!

straight teeth within a few months

Must it always be brackets to correct malpositioned teeth? My answer is: No! For years, we have been carrying out tooth correction with transparent brackets. This means that almost all malpositioned teeth can be corrected painlessly and almost invisibly. The costs of this modern method are comparable to those of brackets, and in most cases are tax deductible, too.


Have you heard of the transparent braces?

5 million people love them and not without reason.





experience reports

Alice D.

An open discussion climate at eye level is particularly important to me. I have found this in dental practice at Lendhafen: The whole team took a lot of time for my questions and concerns and I felt really well and competently looked after.

Gerhard R.

The whole team is extremely dedicated and highly trained. From the first time you enter the Ordi you feel totally well looked after and cared for. The practice rooms are also extremely attractive and at the same time radiate a coziness. All in all: simply top!

Tanja W.

I came because of a severe tooth malposition and was treated with the invisible splints. I was totally convinced by the whole team from the beginning and I am also super satisfied with the final result. I believe that I am in very good hands with Dr. Hannesschläger in the area of invisible tooth adjustments.

Transparent braces for children and adults.

Our AWARDS give you security!​​

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Platinum Provider

Platinum Provider is awarded to all dentists who have performed 41-80 treatments with invisible braces within the last 12 months. Again – as so often – the motto that experience pays off counts, and it is precisely this wealth of experience that my patients benefit from!



Our dental office has been given the "Teen" icon, which means that we have provenexperience with treatment for teenagers, as a provider of invisible aligners. This means, young people with malpositioned teeth are in best hands with us!

MOOCI Zertifikat für Auszeichnung für Qualität


The group office at Lendhafen has been certified by an independent medical expert council, and has received MOOCI membership!



10 questions for Dr. Hannesschläger

You need a dental alignment, but do not want firmly-bonded braces like brackets? Are you looking for braces that are comfortable to wear and visually hardly noticeable ? You want to know whether the almost invisible aligners are suitable for your malpositioned teeth? Then the following video inform you, where I answer the 10 most important questions about transparent aligners. You can also contact me personally for a non-binding consultation.

Beautiful and straight teeth, without metal and wires

Many patients with malpositioned teeth shy away from braces. They do not want wires and metal clips in their mouth, are afraid of aphthae or are bothered by the time-length of treatment. Especially for teenagers or professionals, the visual impairment caused by firmly-bonded braces is often a reason not to have their teeth adjusted. However, an untreated tooth malposition is not only an optical problem, but can also be dangerous to health: a wrong bite can lead to problems with the jaw-joint or to worn and loose teeth. Therefore, for many of my patients, the almost invisible aligners with removable aligners are a suitable alternative to correct their malpositioned teeth. Since they are removable, eating, brushing and professional appointments are just like usual.

How does the orthodontic alignment with the almost Invisible Aligners work?

You want to know how the tooth orthodontic alignment with aligners exactly works? Here I explain the most important 6 steps. For most of the steps, you can also find a personal report of one of my patients with a lot of photo and video material:

The transparent aligners move teeth from day one.

In small and gentle movements, which you will hardly notice, we push your teeth day after day into the right position . The movements take place at the same time, in several directions. Therefore, 80% of our patients need less than 8 months for treatment. During this short time, you do not have to restrict yourself. You can continue to eat everything and brush your teeth as usual. This is because the almost invisible aligners can be removed at any time you wish. Even if you love your transparent aligners, you can still take a”friendship break” during events, for eating or brushing your teeth.

also for complicated tooth misalignments

beautiful, fast and affordable

gentle multidimensional movements

comfortable to wear

Regelmäßige Kontrolluntersuchungen und professionelle Zahnreinigung beim Zahnarzt